Our Product Facilities

on both coasts of Mexico operate in strict accordance with HACCP procedures. We welcome customer inspection at any time. Contact boats, buying stations and daily pick-up of live product in refrigerated or iced trucks provide us with large volumes of the highest quality crab. Processing and packing is to exacting quality standards. Finished product packing has UPC codes.



    Frozen and bulk, packed, 2, 3 and needs. Shipments are truckload quantities of approximately 400,000 pieces.


    We custom packs and freeze a variety of sizes of clean crabs in bag, tray or bulk, in truckload shipment.


    Cooked, split, clean, hand selected crabs, CRYOGENICALLY FROZEN, packed and truckload shipped for specific recipe needs.


    At certain times of the year we receive a very large crabs, hand select, cook, CRYOGENICALLY FREEZE and store them. Then when these crabs are not normally available, we refresh and air ship it to you without losses of handling live crab. Every crab is Perfect.